NiuPower Limited (NiuPower) was established in 2017 as a power generation company jointly owned by Kumul Energy Limited (Kumul) and Oil Search Power Holdings Limited (Oil Search Power) as equal foundation investors. NiuPower is an Independent Power Producer (IPP) incorporated in Papua New Guinea (PNG) focused on natural gas fuelled power generation.

NiuPower seeks to make a commercial return for its shareholders while creating opportunities to use PNG produced gas to fuel cost-effective power generation within PNG. Development and operating risk for power generation assets is carried by NiuPower but opportunities may exist for suitable and creditworthy PNG investors to join as equity participants in NiuPower developed and operated assets.

NiuPower’s focus is the development of power generation but may invest in allied assets if required to underpin the development of generation assets. The Port Moresby Power Station is NiuPower’s initial investment, demonstrating that private sector investment in gas-fired power generation in Papua New Guinea is practical and cost effective.

Independent Power Producer

The PNG Government’s Electricity Industry Policy (EIP) of 2011 seeks to bring more private sector investment into the energy industry.

In 2018 an Industry Group for Independent Power Producers in Papua New Guinea was established called ‘IP3’. NiuPower is one of the four founding members of the IP3 Industry Group.

The IP3 Industry Group promotes the collective interests of Independent Power Producers in Papua New Guinea, assists with public policy formation and implementation, and serves as a platform for information dissemination to our members, with due regard for the prescripts and limitations imposed by the Independent Consumer and Competition Commission Act 2002.

IP3 pro-actively engages with legislators, government officials, planners, regulators and the Business Council of PNG to achieve energy security and independence in Papua New Guinea.


We utilise Papua New Guinea's gas to provide cost-effective power generation for the nation.


The NiuPower business is owned 50 / 50 by Kumul Energy Limited and Oil Search Power Holdings Limited. NiuPower currently has one key asset; the Port Moresby Power Station.