papua new guinea's first dedicated grid-connected gas-fired power plant

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The 58MW Port Moresby Power Station is PNG’s first dedicated grid-connected gas-fired power plant and is located in Port Moresby near the PNG LNG project plant site. Development of the power station commenced in August 2017 and it is owned and operated by ndependent power producer NiuPower, a company jointly owned by Kumul Energy Limited and Oil Search Power Holdings Limited.

The Port Moresby Power Station will provide reliable power to Port Moresby and is the lowest cost dedicated grid connected thermal generation in the country. Replacing heavy fuel oil and diesel, the gas-fired power plant also brings a material reduction in the environmental impact from power generation in PNG.

The Project is designed to be capable of staged expansion to approximately 175 MW with the cost for the initial 58 MW plant being ~US$100 million. This investment is underpinned by a long term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with PNG Power Limited.

The Port Moresby Power Station during construction in October 2018.

The Port Moresby Power Station during construction in October 2018.

NiuPower is pleased and proud to have developed PNG’s first ever dedicated grid-connected gas fired power station. Our customer, PNG Power Limited, are on record as saying that the NiuPower Port Moresby Power Station coming online will save them, and thus the nation, up to K100 million annually.
— Richard Robinson, CEO of NiuPower


Cost effectiveness

Lowest cost dedicated grid-connected thermal power in the country. A material reduction in the total cost of power generation for Port Moresby.

High thermal efficiency

Six high efficiency reciprocating gas engines ensure high thermal efficiency compared to other gas-fueled generation options; less fuel, lower costs, and reduced emissions.

Highly flexible dispatch

With a highly flexible dispatch the Port Moresby Power Station can efficiently deliver any level of power dispatch from 6MW to 58MW to exactly match PNG Power's demand.

Environmental approval

A Level 2 Environment Permit has been fully approved and issued by PNG's Conservation and Environment Protection Authority (CEPA) for construction and operation.

Local construction and labour

Facility “stick built” on site with ~300 average labour force over 12 months with 93% of people employed being PNG citizens. Papua New Guinean subcontractors received PGK130 million and estimated tax of PGK28 million paid to the PNG Government by the construction workforce.


Development timeline of the Port Moresby Power Station